Termitat FAQs

What size are the two Termitat models?
The Tower model is 14″H x 9″ W x 3.25″D

The Tripod is 11″H x 9″W x 4.5″D

How many termites are included?
Approximately 30+ workers and one or more soldiers if available.


Can I get the Termitat shipped to me in my state?
They can be shipped to any state other than those on the list shown below that restrict importation at this time. Please note that Termitats are not available at this time to ship internationally or to any of these states: DC, ND, TN, WV, PA, MD, AK, HI, LA, ME, FL.
What are the termites installed in?
A disc of Douglas Fir wood. That is their home and food; you do not have to feed them, only add some occasional water.


Are instructions included with the Termitat?
TermitatBookWhiteYes, care instructions are included with the order. Additionally, care of your termites is covered in the illustrated book that is included with all Termitat models.
How can I learn about termites?
The illustrated book included with your Termitat has all the basic facts and more. The Tower model of the Termitat is designed to showcase the book in its base.

Does the Termitat website give support and information?

Yes, a returns page, additional care tips, and a list of interesting links are available on this site. If you need additional information not provided on our website you can also send an email to info@termitat.com.

How long do the termites live?
The wood they come in can support them for up to three years and sometimes more. Individual termites can live for up to seven years and a colony for many more than that if the wood they are in is sound and available. Instructions to obtain a re-installation of your colony into new wood is available on the Termitat website.
Can the termites get loose and devour my house?
No. The Termitat is sealed, so they cannot escape if it is properly cared for. Besides, unless your house has the dark, damp conditions of a fungus infested log, these particular termites can’t establish themselves and thrive. Also, this low risk termite is not one of the subterranean or drywood termites which both account for almost all of the damage to wood structures in North America.
Are the termites hard to care for?
No. Just give a thimble full of water about every week or so and keep the Termitat away from direct sun and extremes of heat and cold. These termites thrive with access to a bit of moist wood and at temperatures that humans consider comfortable, 68º to 75ºF. More information on caring for your Termitat can be found here.


How will the Termitat be shipped to me?
It will be shipped 2 Day Priority Mail with the USPS. You will be sent a tracking number and an email notice that it is on it’s way.


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