Some Termitat Testimonials:


“The dampwood termite display is an amazing, almost hypnotic, look into the heart of an advanced insect society. Again, thanks for ours.” –Professor Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University


“My focus is on science and when I saw your termites I HAD TO HAVE SOME!  So great!  There’s nothing better than giving a young child a peek into a world they’d typically never see.  It’s all about planting the seeds of interest!” — E.B., Teacher, Colorado


“The first of my studies of Zootermopsis species was published in 1988.  I kept my lab colonies in simple, plastic boxes that only allowed limited viewing.  The Termitat makes watching them easy, entertaining and educational.  My grandchildren love to watch them.” — Michael I. Haverty PhD, UC Berkeley


“I appreciate the quick responses. Thank you for your time and effort creating a great product.” — K.L. Termite Control Professional


“Been busy with work, but it’s always enjoyable to escape into my termite colony.” — F.C., Kansas


” …the termites are cool and a big hit at school.” — M.W., Teacher, California


“I’ve been thrilled to have the Termitat on my desk, and it’s gotten very strong positive reactions from both colleagues and visitors. Many thanks again!” — Justin Werfel PH.D. Senior Research Scientist, Harvard University


“They’re great! Kids love them!!” P.K. — Teacher, Arizona


“Just received my Termitat. Love it.  They are my best buddies already.  All of them arrived alive and kicking (shaking their heads actually). Very nice booklet as well. Great job on everything..” —  R.H., Exhibit Designer, California

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